On Premise

Locally operating services

Not all organisations, services and applications are good candidates for migration to private or public cloud. Reducing IT expenditure using new cost-effective methods is quite often preferred.

Private Cloud

Business critical systems

Dedicated resources with industry leading infrastructure from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, all protected by unlimited backup and archiving, with 24×7 monitoring and service desk support as standard.

Public Cloud

Disaster Recovery, AI and IoT

Dedicated connections to Microsoft Azure enable high availability and simplified transition of services. Perform analytics, IoT, AI and machine learning in the public cloud as if they were local.

Organisations spend nearly 75% of their IT budgets on maintaining systems. We will help reduce budgets and resource expenditure.

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Multiple layers of resilience are built in to the hybrid cloud solution, providing 99.999% availability as standard, and optional 100% availability.


Migrate services between on premise, private or public cloud, and back again, with less disruption. Extend services to Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud.


Security patches are deployed without delay. The service is built on best practices, with technology such as two-factor authentication being as standard.

Fully Managed

The service desk manages the back-end infrastructure and service, simplifying IT operations. The service desk response time average for 2017 was 5 minutes.

Avoid Risks

Mitigate risks associated with on premise infrastructure such as air conditioning, power and physical security failures.

Cost Efficiency

We will reduce your capital AND operational costs by around 9%.

Transition Process


Through a careful qualification process we determine if the solution can be of value to an organisation. If not, we will be upfront and offer impartial recommendations or alternative options, rather than waste time.


Meetings are held to discuss the business and IT objectives. Documenting desired goals and outcomes early ensures our organisations are aligned towards a common goal.


Business services and applications are identified and monitored to provide resource insights. A project proposal, service definition, cost comparison and service transition plan are presented.


Customer on-boarding and regular meetings are held to discuss transition progress and highlight possible challenges or risks. Service is transitioned until final project agreement and sign off, before the service is handed to the accounts and service desk teams.

Overall cloud adoption rate in the UK now stands at 88 per cent, with 67 per cent of users expecting to increase their adoption of cloud services over the coming year.

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